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Adventure Time: A Rising Flame Page 2
It was a few hours to dusk when the two mysterious individuals finally made it out of that party, and were heading back the way they came. Heinrich had quite a bounce to his step, while Joel was trudging behind him.
“Such an elegant maple brew,” Heinrich chimed in. “Even the best of oktoberfest wouldn’t hold a candle! And it’s a wonder how they make it so well with their archaic methods.” Heinrich‘s eyes widened. “Reminds me of home.”
“I think that sprite had a good idea burning those trees. Ugh, If I ever see a single drop of sap again,” Joel gagged.
“Loss of tolerance is common in people... close to your age, Herr Hansen,”
“Yeah, only 15 mugs? I must be getting frail already.” Joel grumbled sarcastically.
The two continued past the hills they originally crossed, navigating the grasslands ahead until they finally came up to an exceptionally steep hill. They walked up to the side of the hill facin
:icon1somerandomguy1:1somerandomguy1 1 5
What would you do for 12 diamonds? :icon1somerandomguy1:1somerandomguy1 2 0
Adventure Time:A Rising Flame Page 1
On a clear, sunny day in the grasslands, the Magic Man in his beggar garb and Glob (Grob, Gob, Grod, etc.) were walking through the hills towards a small kingdom in the plains ahead, a few yards away from the forest. Glob turned his head to Magic Man, who looked to Glob. The two walked in silence as the crystalline martian periodically rotated his head so the other faces could look at Magic Man, who gave a light chuckle and looked forward once again. When they reached the kingdom’s stone wall, two roughly human-sized green cyclopses clad with bulky armor and long spears stood in front of the entrance.
“What do you want?” One of them demanded in a deep, gritty voice. The other cyclops hit him over the head with the shaft of his spear.
“Hey, don’t you know who that is?!” he pointed to glob, who’s two frontmost faces were looking at each of them with a dirty smile. The cyclops acknowledged and both moved their massive bodies to the sides of the ga
:icon1somerandomguy1:1somerandomguy1 3 0
Slow dance in a spy suit :icon1somerandomguy1:1somerandomguy1 1 2 Saving Shadow :icon1somerandomguy1:1somerandomguy1 2 3
Half-Life 2: Premature Insertion Pg. 1
------------------------------------------------ Chapter 1: Security Measures --------------------------------------------
It was  about midnight in the alleyways of City 17's south apartment blocks, formerly boasting powerful lanterns of Combine origin before the Resistance destroyed them to allow more stealthed travel. After months of light vs. blight the civil protection officers simply stopped replacing them. One day, a group of three patrolling officers noticed something odd.
At the first glance it looked like a female adolescent was being chased by an officer of a neighboring route, his stun baton drawn. Out of sheer disbelief coherent to the presence of the embryonic suppression field, the group immediately set out after the pair and met up with the officer at an adjacent building. The group brandished their weapons and joined the chase upon noticing she was holding rations that were supposed to reach their commanding officers. About two minutes later all but one of the girl's p
:icon1somerandomguy1:1somerandomguy1 0 0
Undead love?! :icon1somerandomguy1:1somerandomguy1 5 9


Mysterious Mr Enter and Phantom Strider :iconshinysmeargle:ShinySmeargle 35 11
Worst Animes (That I've Seen)
Peach Girl: Dumb! Stupid! Moronic! So, here's the plot; a girl pretends to be friends with this other girl to spread rumors about her. OK, so why be friends with her? You don't need to be friends with someone to spread shit about them. All you need is their name. Also, is the entire school made of idiots, that they would believe something like this. Also, why doesn't the victim do anything? It also looks really ugly to me, and makes me hate romantic stuff. All the characters are one note, and some of them are named after characters in Evangelion.
Michiko to Hatchin: The plot goes from A to B to B to B to B to B to B to C. They have some development in the first couple of episodes, but forget about that completely for 24 episodes, and is turned into a glorified babysitting comedy, even with the horrendous abuse one of the characters suffered. The ending is also shit. I don't want to spoil it, makes the entre adventure pointless.
Pani Poni Dash: It's OK for
:icony2jinstien:Y2Jinstien 1 6
TITANFALL - xbox mag cover :icon2buiart:2buiArt 1,406 84 Mega Wailord :iconphatmon:Phatmon 257 52 Mega Pelipper :iconphatmon:Phatmon 234 16 Mega Parasect :iconphatmon:Phatmon 182 15 CDs :iconmf99k:MF99K 344 62 Granite Golem :icondevburmak:DevBurmak 865 30 Regigigas :iconkarl-smink:Karl-Smink 283 12 Regigigas Pulls Continents :iconoldanthropokemon:oldanthropokemon 396 102 Mawile Used Crunch :iconoldanthropokemon:oldanthropokemon 88 21 JK LOL KEEPING HIM :iconpixel-ghosts:pixel-ghosts 28 7 Lurantis :iconpixel-ghosts:pixel-ghosts 143 13 UB - 01 Symbiont Nihilego :iconnancaya:Nancaya 51 0 001 - Tahpria :iconerinnyu:ErinNyu 7 3 007 - Tokkoki :iconerinnyu:ErinNyu 6 2


Apparently I've accumulated several watchers since I last posted anything a while back. My submissions are kind of diverse in nature, so can you guys tell me in the comments what you're watching me for?


If it has guns, swords or magic
Don't mind me, just a random guy.



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